Monogrammed Boudoir Pillow

I probably should have done this post on Monday for Valentine's Day instead of a boring Thursday but oh well. I started this impromptu master bedroom redecorating series so I might as well finish it up (for now) with a little spotlight on our boudoir pillow which I got just before Christmas. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and ordered right away. 

I ordered it from A Needle Pulling Thread (a local mom-run business which I LOVE). It was only $30 including the pillow form so a total steal. I also got my family room pillows from them which I love (you can see my actual "M" pillows on their website). Of course this has made me rethink my other pillows on the bed. I only really like the square center pillow but the others are not my favorites. I think I need more symmetry so yet another project for the bedroom!

Just FYI - A Needle Pulling Thread haven't perked me or paid me for this post.  I do love their work and their prices, and I love supporting local mom-owned businesses!