Projects for a New Year!

Happy New Year!

Every year we say it's hard to believe that another year has passed.  I think the years fly by much quicker as you get older, especially once you have kids.  I feel like I only just found a place for the toys the kids received Christmas!  

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years but now we are on to tackling new and exciting projects around the house.  Here are our priority projects for 2011.  I'm not sure it will all get done but I like to set the goals high!  If we get it all done, I'm not sure what we'll do in 2012 but I'm sure we can figure something out. 

1.  Basement Built-ins:  Yup, another set of built-ins is going to grace our home this year.  Jim worked on the plans over the weekend, but we'll incorporate our new LCD television and some storage for toys and books.  We still have about 10 boxes of books left to unpack so hopefully we'll be able to get all of those out of storage!  

2.  Living Room Reorganization:  We are going to try to breathe some new life into our old living room with some new furniture. 

3.  Upstairs Hall Bathroom Freshen-up:  I'm fairly certain we aren't going to totally redo our upstairs hall bathroom but we may do a major spruce up.  It currently features very little storage, cracked floor tile, and peeling wallpaper.  Ironically, this was once one of the nicest rooms in our house!  I don't think I have ever even shown a picture of this room! Blah!

4.  Yard Sale!  Yes, we'll be having our annual yard sale in April or May.  We are hoping to make a neighborhood event out of it.  We already have a huge pile building up!  (more about our previous sales here)

5.  Screen Porch Clean-up:  Not entirely sure what will happen here but something needs to.  We are missing pieces on the exterior and it is sorely in need of some paint. (more about my last screen porch project here)

6.  Green landscaping.  Yes, more landscaping.  The projects never end in our backyard!  I think we are going to invest in a rain barrel or two and start composting if we can find a good place to keep our composter. 

Swing Set
7.  Elizabeth's Room: Elizabeth's room still needs some final touches.  I have no idea what these are right now but she needs a few upgrades suitable for a kindergartener (gasp!).  (more on her room here)

Stay tuned and enjoy the fun!

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