A Great Tray Find

I wanted to share a great little find I found a few weeks before Christmas at my beloved REfind Consignments in Vienna. I had been looking for a tray for our bathroom vanity to keep our various glass containers in check.  They have a tendency to find their way to all parts of the counter.  Despite looking for various months, I hadn't found anything so pretty much gave up. 

Then went to check out Carey's Christmas decorations, and totally stumbled on this little beauty!  


Perfect size and I love the flower pattern.  I added a couple of sticky rubber feet to the bottom to keep the metal from scratching the granite counter. 

Everything barely fits but I think it works.

Of course I have a thing for trays.  I have one on my dresser and I have one on the bar in the dining room.  I love the way tray has a practical purpose of keeping things together in one place and protecting the surface they sit on (such as in the bar) and they have an aesthetic purpose of focusing the eye on things that may be otherwise lost on the larger space. 

Do you use trays in your decorating?  Any good recent consignment shop finds?