Current Design TV Favorites

This is a totally random post because I have a horrible head cold and I am trying to come up with some good things to fill in my mantels until spring time.  I really dislike winter for so many reasons, although I do like an occasional snow day so long as all of the snow melts within 48 hours afterwards.

I am so excited that HGTV has picked up Sarah Richardson's Design Inc.  I adore Sarah and want to be her best friend, but until that happens, I have to settle for watching her shows and following Tommy on Facebook.  I really wish HGTV would pick up Sarah's Cottage because I would love to see those episodes.  I'm thinking about using her yellow and gray color scheme from her farmhouse (Sarah's House, Season 3) in our upstairs hall bathroom (which is on my 2011 to do list)

I am also currently watching some DVR'd episodes of Flipping Out.  Still deciding whether or not I like Jeff or not, but I like the show and his projects are interesting.  Has he always been such a jerk?

On a non-design related TV note, I love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Bachelor.  But I promise not to blog about them except to say that the RHBH have some amazing houses!