Caitlin's Teen Bedroom Revealed!

It was 6 months in the making, but I am so excited to reveal my niece Caitlin's new room!  Cate turned 13 in May so they decided it was time for a bedroom make-over that would last through her teen years.  Here's the pretty girl with the room in question (sorry for the blurry picture)!

They live in Massachusetts and we live in Virginia so I was assisting via email (when they asked) for much of the fall.  You may remember that we bought a lot of the decor when they were here visiting last summer.  (more on that here)

We had so much fun shopping and my sister-in-law was so impressed with how much we accomplished (fight free) in only 2 hours. We got really lucky at HomeGoods and Marshall's so it was a relatively easy trip.

After they went home, they organized Cate's room, cleaned out her closet, bought her a new desk and bed, and installed cellular shades.  Of course that was all in between four million soccer and basketball practices and games.

They then painted the back wall a great teal blue color.  Very young and fun and I think she'll like it for a long time to come.

When we visited during Christmas break, I spent an hour or so hanging up all of her things on the walls.  I love the result!

Here's what it looked like before:

And here's what it looks like now. (apologies for the lighting - these were night shots)

Cate really wanted a daybed but her mom didn't think it would work so we just styled her bed to look like a daybed.  She and her friends can lounge all day (or more likely night) on this cozy bed.
The painting over her bed is one of my favorite things in the room.  It's so pretty and really pulls together all of the pieces.  The orange is a great contrast with the blue and really warms things up.  Another great HomeGoods find!

Her antique dresser really works in the space now.  It's a beautiful piece.  I bought her the two pictures on the left for Cate for Christmas.  I had her open them early so we could properly arrange her room!  If they wanted to make it a little more modern, they could take the mirror off the dresser and get a new mirror more modern mirror, but I still like it the way it is. 
They are still discussing curtain options, a nightstand, and painting a second wall teal but for now, I think it's a huge improvement.  Better yet - Caitlin loves it!

I wish I could get my hands on her brother's room but he says he doesn't require much.  Boys are a different breed, aren't they?

What do you think?  Are you decorating any teen rooms right now?  What colors are they asking for?  Any other daybed lovers out there?