Built-in Bookcase Progress! (Update 1)

As it was snowing the other night, hubby started work on our new built-in bookcases in the basement rec room.  (Yes, I am calling it a rec room because I cannot figure out another more suitable name!)

Jim worked for several days on the plans for the bookcases with cut lists and everything mapped out so as to minimize mistakes.  I tweaked some of the dimensions last week after talking with some friends about the project while actually standing in the basement, and realizing that some of our large toy storage containers (Thomas trains, blocks, etc.) would not fit in the lower cabinets as I had intended!   It always amazes me the ways in which projects can be improved just by talking them through with a fresh set of ears and eyes on hand!


This time, as opposed to the previous built-in projects, Jim is building most of the project and then installing it in the space when he's done.  He'll dry fit it at various points, but for the most part, the play space will be undisturbed for a while - very important in cold weather!

So far, he is cutting the big sheets for the base cabinets.  This picture is part of the bottom.  The walls between the cabinets will slide into the grooves.

 This is the base of the cabinet. 
And now he's just being silly.  Get back to work!

We are allotting a lot of time this weekend for Jim to keep working - fortunately we both have Monday off.  Hopefully we'll have lots of progress to share next week!

Share your built-in building tips here!  We've done this before, but we can always learn more!!

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