HOLIDAYography: Our Budget Christmas Dining Room

I am finally getting around to showing you our holiday dining room decorations.  I really love how everything came out this year even though I spent less than $10 to add some sparkle this year.  I tried to rethink how I used some things in the past and change it up so it feels new to me.  A major money saver!

Here's where I ended up.  The only new things I bought this year were a few Christmas balls.  The ones hanging from the chandelier are from the Dollar Tree!  They are plastic which means I don't have to be very careful packing them up.  

I have always put green garland around the chandelier but this year I decided to play up the chandelier and just add the balls.  I hung the balls from the crystal hangers and it took all of 1 minute. 

The centerpiece is not my favorite but I could not find anything I liked more for this year.  I have had this paper mache fruit for about 6 years at least and the candles for much longer than that.  I never burn them because I love them.  The tablerunner was a bargain purchase from Lillian Vernon about 4 years ago.  I'll have an eye out for a new centerpiece (or the makings of a centerpiece) in the after Christmas sales. 

This year I dressed up the windows with these jingle bell candy canes I bought from Marshalls last year.  I used them in the family room previously but I thought they were a bit too glittery for there. 

The china cabinet was one of my favorite results this year.  On top and in the crystal bowl inside, I added simple red balls from CVS (about $4 for a whole bunch).  I put my Christmas accent plates out as a backdrop for the crystal and serving wear.  Finally, I added the little gold bow to the key just for a little extra sparkle. 

Finally, I couldn't overlook the bar area where I reused some picks which have been used in many iterations of holiday decor in my house - from a wreath to chandelier decor to a pine garland spruce-up (pun totally intended).  I added another bow to one of the bottles there and the last of my $1 Christmas balls.  The table runner was a Christmas gift from my mom last year.  Next year, I may use this runner on the main table if I can find a centerpiece that works. 
Check back tomorrow for the rest of our holiday home decor!