HOLIDAYography: Ornament History

As promised, here is a little bit of history about a few of our favorite ornaments.  Remarkably, I realized that we somehow do not have ornaments for the kids for the years they were born.  Not sure how that happened but I'll have to remedy that.

So, here's a little bit about a few of our ornaments.

We bought the fishing bears at Mall of the Americas in Minnesota when we went to visit my brother and sister-in-law (they lived out there for about 4 years) in the fall of 2005.  It totally cracked me up when I saw it in a store.
 We just bought this one in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  Read more about that trip here.
I bought this Catherine Parr ornament when I spent a semester in London in college.  I think it foreshadowed my obsession with The Tudors on Showtime!
Jim gave me this ornament for Christmas a few years ago.  It's hilarious and makes no sense whatsoever but it's also totally adorable.
My grandmother gave me this ornament back in 1983.  It is barely holding together and it appears that a light may have singed it at some point! 
My mother gave us these ornaments when we got married in 2000.  We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this year.  (read about how we celebrated here)
 We bought this ornament on our honeymoon in Bermuda.  Still one of the best vacations we have ever taken!
My mom gave me these two ornaments which really represent my grandparents to me.  They always loved cardinals and were always thrilled to see them eating from their bird feeder.  Whenever I see a cardinal, which is often since we have several in our yard, I think about my grandparents.  I love that.

That concludes a mini tour of my favorite tree ornaments.  Do you have a favorite ornament?  Any suggestion for an ornament representing the kids' births.

p.s.  My Willow House party is STILL OPEN!  Click here for all of the details.