HOLIDAYography: The Mantel Part II - The Living Room

After doing my typical family room mantel and feeling a little let down with the result (read about that here), I decided to change things up in the living room.  Here is where I started which was basically the work of my four year old with a few things left over from the fall.  And, yes, the lampshade really looked that way because I didn't have the right light bulb to hold the shade.  Talk about forlorn.

It was about 15 degrees outside so I took on the challenge of doing everything without buying anything or even leaving the house!  So, I shopped my house for things to use.  I quickly settled on glass and crystal, as well as golds, silver, and splashes of red.  It's hard for me to get away from red at Christmas.

Here's where I ended up and I LOVE it!   

When I searched my house for stuff to use, I was thinking outside of the regular Christmas decorations.  Anything that I had a bunch of and was gold or silver was game for inclusion.  I had these small apothecary jars still in the box for potential use in my master bathroom.  The candlesticks and other silver pieces were in my dining room (mostly unpolished - oh well).  I filled the glass and crystal with Christmas garland, berry picks, small brass Christmas ornaments that I have not used on my tree in years but which have sentimental value, and even gold and silver napkin rings!  The gold garland was previously an old centerpiece which I dismantled this year so I could use the pieces.
I had bought these reindeer ornaments at the dollar store earlier this season.  I think they were 2 for a $1 and they are adorable.  I love how they bring a touch of whimsy to the display and dress up the sconces a bit. 

What do you think?