HOLIDAYography: Christmas Card Displays

This is the first in a series of posts about how we celebrate Christmas and New Years here in Chez MacGregor which I'll call HOLIDAYography.  I adore Christmas and my love has only been amplified since we've had the kids.  I may go over the top with decorating, entertaining, and gift giving but this season makes me so happy, I want to share that with everyone.  Over the next few weeks I'll share some of our traditions, entertaining ideas, and, of course, holiday decor.

I generally start the Christmas season by getting my Christmas cards.  I try to take a picture of the kids in November and order the cards from Shutterfly or another photo site by Thanksgiving.  My cards are generally in the mail by the 15th.  This year... Not sure what happened!  No picture taken, no cards ordered, nothing!!!  I am so far behind (for me).  I'm wondering if I should just order New Year cards!

And, of course, our many "on the ball friends" have started sending cards which acts as my daily reminder that I have not done my cards yet!  I really need to check this off the list by Sunday or I am never going to get them out before Christmas.

But, I have an awesome card display this year!

It definitely beats the "throw the cards in a bowl" that I have always done before.  I love to see the pictures and cards every time I walk by - which is a lot since this is our coat closet and it is right next to the half bath.  I ordered it from Colleen, my Willow House consultant.  I admired it last year and was still thinking about it this year so I went for it.  Click here to check it out.

Sending cards will probably be a thing of the past 25 years from now (hopefully not), but I just love to get the mail every day at Christmas time!  My daughter loves hanging the cards on the card holder.  Keep those cards coming!

how do you display Christmas cards?  Do you even send Christmas cards?  

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