HOLIDAYography: All the rest!

Finally, the rest of our holiday decor.  This is hodgepodge post so bear with me.

When our stairs were in our living room, I used these garlands to decorate the stairs.  I couldn't figure out a way to do that this year without interfering with the stairs - and we have a lot more stairs now!  So, this year, I used the same garland and just wrapped it around the newel posts on the first floor and on the landing near the driveway door.  I think it adds a lot to that entry way where most of our friends and family come and go. 

On the side door, I also put up wreaths for the first time.  Hanging them was a challenge initially because they were intended for the outside.  Turns out standard wreath hangers don't work on Anderson patio doors (which is what those driveway side doors are), so I ended up just hanging the wreaths inside.  I got them for $9.99 each at A.C. Moore and wish I had bought a few more.  I like them so much hanging inside, I'll have to find something new for the outside next year!

 In the family room, I added a few little things to our bookcases - next year I will definitely do more. 
On the windows on either side of the fireplace, I hung these sweet Santas that I bought at Tuesday Morning last year.  I almost never go in there any more because I think their prices have gotten a little out of whack lately but every so often I stop in and find a little gem like these. 

Finally, on our back door, I hung this metal Santa which my mom gave me a really long time ago and which has lived in almost every room in our house at one time or another.  I think he's adorable.  Fishing line was my decorating friend this year!