Backyard Makeover!

Just a quick break from all of the holiday talk to show you some of the goings on in our back yard this month.  It seems that Santa came a bit early and dropped a big old play set back there.

Our yard is NOT big by any means.  In fact, most of you living more than 7 miles outside of a major city would say that our yard is a postage stamp.  But, our kids are only young once and if it helps them burn off some energy and enjoy the yard more, then it's totally worth it.  Besides, what are we going to use the yard for?

Here's a quick before that I snapped while the guy was unloading the truck. 
Yup, just one guy.  He worked for about 5 hours to put it together.  Quite clearly he knew what he was doing.  Now we have this.

 Worth every single penny for a couple of great smiles from the kids. 

Of course, they were too busy playing to pose for Mom.  Love it!