About that Backsplash...

Remember when I told you about backsplash shopping?  (if not, click here to read about that)  So, that was almost 6 months ago.  Well, now here we are doing it!  Well, not us - we hired someone.  Very unlike us but I really wanted it done before our big Thanksgiving and the holidays in general.  So, we hired it out. 

Here are the before pictures.

 Now here are the guys working on installing the tile.

And here's the tile finished before the grout. I love the early morning light in my kitchen.


 And here's the finished product with Delorian Gray grout (although it's not totally dry in these pictures so it appears very dark).  Tomorrow I'll show you the full before and after with all of our stuff back in the kitchen.

Check back later today to find out the winner of last week's CSN Stores giveaway!