Playroom Decor Ideas

Yes, we have a playroom.  I do not really talk about it because it is a primary source of my own decorator shame right now.  I would love for it to be a beautiful, fun, and functional room, but it is just not.  It's just a playroom with a television (with cable hooked up), dilapidated Ikea white laminate shelves, my treadmill, the dog's crate and a lot of big plastic toys.  My kids actually do play down here and Elizabeth plays with her beloved Playmobil sets here regularly (away from her little brother's busy hands).

The sofa in the pictures?  Nope, not ours - on loan from some neighbors and they have now taken it back so it is just an empty room.  

I am going to avoid buying new furniture for this room as much as possible.  My current idea is to use our old living room couch in the basement and get new living room furniture.  I may also move our red leather chair from the living room down here as well.  I can put the couch along the same wall as the couch in the above pictures. 

The major project is for the hubby to build some new built-in bookshelves along the back wall where the white shelves are now.  I am thinking about a style similar to the others in the rest of our house.  (More about those here)  I think we'll have to pull the carpet back and have it re-stretched and installed when we're done.  Not a huge deal but just a pain. 

We will also sell the armoire and the television inside it.  Jim is already dreaming of the black Friday sales he is going to hit to get his new basement television. 

That is the current plan but I really want to hear about some of your great toy storage and play room ideas.  Sooooo....

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