Meet our.... Garage!

When we did our renovation last year, a new garage was near the top of our "must have" list.  We love that our garage matches our house architecturally and looks great from the backyard and the street.  But, we ended up throwing (literally) most of our outdoor stuff (and some indoor stuff) in there when we moved back into the house last summer.  We closed the door and forgot about the mess for winter - except when we had to hunt for snow shovels.  Spring came and went, and the garage clean-out was still on the back burner.  I took these pictures in June to give you an idea of how horrifying it was!


Actually, the shelves got worse in recent months -  UGH!

Something has to change.  I was embarrassed when neighbors and strangers saw how horrible it was.  It was a huge waste of wonderful storage space.  Also, I feared for the lives of my children who play in there all the time!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the big garage clean-out reveal!!