Roomba - How I love thee!

I HATE vacuuming and pretty much all cleaning for that matter.  So, I do absolutely anything I can to avoid it - which is pretty hard with two kids and a dog.  Also, I worry about the hardwood finish when I don't vacuum or sweep regularly (or at least more often than my cleaning service comes).  So, other than handing my 4 year old a Swiffer and telling her to have fun (she does actually love that), my next best alternative is the iRobot Roomba.  Although I always thought it was just a gadgety thing that didn't really do much, we went for it when we found a refurb on Woot about a year ago.  I don't buy much on Woot but they do have some cool things occasionally which I'll jump at.

I seriously love this thing.  Right now, I'm blogging and vacuuming which would just not be possible otherwise!

Almost everyone who sees ours says they have thought about getting one.  So, in case you are on the fence, here are the awesome things about it:
  • Goes under beds, couches, tables, etc. where a regular vacuum cannot easily go.
  • Senses ledges so you don't have to worry about stairs.  
  • Goes back to it's charging station on its own.
  • If it gets caught on something, it will stop.
  • Does not get caught on rug fringe.
  • Takes about 30 seconds to empty the dust bin and clean the brushes.
  • Comes with a separate piece that stops it from going into rooms that you don't want to vacuum.
  • Picks up a lot of dog hair.
So, if you're thinking about it, jump on it - even a refurbished one.  And no, iRobot did not pay me to write this (although maybe they should!) - I just love this crazy gadget!

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