Opposites Attract: Boy/Girl Bedroom Options

Having kids share a room is an often debated topic among many of my parent friends.  Some people think it is a great way for kids to learn to share space and live in close quarters with someone else.  Others think that it's best for kids to have their own room so they can decorate it however they want and have their own space for quiet time. And, for some it's not a choice but a necessity - small house or apartment, only 2 bedrooms upstairs, etc.  It's not hard to find a theme for a same sex room, but what about a room for children of the opposite sex?
This is the dilemma my friends David and Sarah may face when their second child is born next month.  They have a 2 year old daughter, Amelia, but chose not to find out the sex of the new baby (great choice in my opinion!).  They live in a Cape Code style house with only 2 bedrooms upstairs so the kids will likely share a room for the foreseeable future.  Although, I think they are leaning towards separate themes for each child if the second child is a boy, I am encouraging them to try a more united theme which will suit both kids for many years to come - regardless of whether Amelia gets a baby brother or sister.

Although I have a lot of ideas for what would work well for both kids, I really love the idea of a beach-inspired theme.  Although totally beach themed rooms more than 5 miles from an actual beach make me a little crazy, a loose beach theme could really work well.  And Dave and Sarah got married on the coast of Massachusetts so it seems fitting for them.

So, here's what I came up with for big sister Amelia and her new baby sister or brother.

Here's the breakdown -

1.  Wall Color - Benjamin Moore Turqoise Powder 2057-50.
I love this color and it works great with lots of pinks, yellows, greens, deep blues, oranges, etc.  Whatever you like.  If the baby is a boy, they could lean towards yellows and oranges with splashes of pink for Amelia.  If it's a girl - bring on the pink and yellow!

2.  Duvet Cover - Pottery Barn Kids.
I think Amelia will love this duvet cover.  Duvet covers are especially great for little kids because they are poofy, cozy, and fun to lay on, but also can be easily washed.

3.  Convertible Crib - Young America
This is Amelia's current crib which will become the baby's crib in a few short months.

4.  Bed - Young America
I am still hemming and hawing with myself over what the best "big girl" bed would be for big sister Amelia.  This one is very practical and Sarah and Dave could buy another one and bunk them down the road if they needed to.  Kids LOVE bunk beds (just ask them).  Another alternative which I also love is this great headboard from JC Penney, or you could make one like I did (read more about that here).  Dave is really handy (and an engineer) so I know he could handle the challenge (haha). 

Several great fabric options but I think I like these two the best:

5.  Breathable Crib bumper from Toys R Us
Although I have always used a traditional crib bumper, there has been a big movement towards the breathable variety.  I think they still look good and they have an airy look which in this room would look especially nice - particularly since the furniture is dark. 

6.  Bolster Pillow - Little MissMatched from JC Penney
I just love this little accent pillow which could be used on a chair or on the bed.

7.  Bureau - Young America.
Dave and Sarah already own this as well as a dresser in the same style.  I hope they can fit all of this furniture in the room with a crib and bed as well!

8.  Jeep Print - momsblankies on Etsy
Found this adorable little print on Etsy.  Definitely adds a bit of whimsy and a little bit more of a masculine touch in case the little one is a boy. David is all about trains, planes, boats and automobiles!

9.  Customized Surf Board Wall Art - Sunday Treasures on Etsy
These little surf boards are just adorable and would add a great personalized touch to the kids' room.

10. Upcycled Lamp - Eden Cove Treasures on Etsy
This makes me want to run out to Goodwill this afternoon and find a great base lamp and paint it up.   LOVE this!
11.  White Curtains - Target
Simple, easy, very inexpensive.  These curtains will work in the room for many, many years to come.  They could be customized by adding some simple turquoise trim or seam binding tape to the edges.

12.  Crib Sheet - 2 options - Multi Dot or Large Dot
If you are having a baby, here's a tip - don't buy a crib quilt unless you want to use it for something other than the crib - on the chair, wall, etc.  You will NEVER use it and you'll pay a bunch for it (or someone else will).  Just get a crib bumper, and some cute sheets, and call it a day.  These sheets are just two of many possibilities.  I have several different crib sheets although most of them are plain old white since our nursery is quite busy.

13.  Rug - Target
The simple graphic pattern and the turquoise and yellow colors make it the perfect addition to this room.  If you are looking for a fun new rug, now is the time to look with all of the dorm stuff available for super cheap!

Hope you enjoyed this.  I would love to hear your ideas for other great room ideas for shared rooms!