Thoughtful and Useful Housewarming Gift Idea

Many of our friends have moved over the last few years so I feel I am always looking for thoughtful and easy housewarming gifts.  This weekend we went to a friend's new house for dinner.  They are "have everything" type people so I picked up a set of adorable summer themed hand towels (I'm really into orange this year) and fancy kitchen hand soap.  It's a thoughtful but not over-the-top gift, and it looks really cute in a sweet bag with a little bow.  No matter how much great stuff you can have, anyone can appreciate these little gifts.

For a weekend hostess gift or birthday gift, you could amp it up with some fun kitchen spoons, fancy dish soap or counter cleaner, and put it all in a nice basket or small colander.

For some other former neighbors and very good friends (who had the nerve to move a mile away!), I struggled for a while with what to get them.  Fortunately the struggle ended quickly when I saw this Ron Krajewski print on Etsy.  I've seen his work at Eastern Market in DC and always admired it, but I had never seen this Cairn Terrier print.  Our friends have an adorable Cairn Terrier, Albus,who looks very much like the dog in the portrait.  Of course, I snagged one and framed it in a great wood frame.  The finished product was great.  They loved it!

Photo via Ron Krajewski

I love putting together gifts like these because they are thoughtful and useful.  What are your favorite housewarming gifts to give and receive?