A little patch of happiness: The Veggie Garden!

For many years, I have been planting a few tomato and pepper plants in the backyard.  Before the renovation, I had a small garden behind my garage.  The plants loved it back there because it was super sunny and HOT (the garage was brick), and it was also in a low spot in our yard so generally more moist than other places in our otherwise desert like yard.

Last year, during renovation, my daughter really wanted to plant tomatoes and peppers again.  She is a huge fan of both!  But, we knew/hoped we would be moving out of our rental right in the middle of harvest time.  Jim came up with a great idea for a transportable garden which would give us the vegetation that we needed!

This year, we did a lot of renovation in the backyard so we decided to just reuse the garden from last year in case we needed to move it (we did).   

Here's how the little garden looked in late May.

It's a simple 2' x 6' frame with a piece of plywood nailed to the back.  The tomatoes don't seem to mind the lack of depth, but I think the peppers may do better without a bottom on the garden.

The plants are considerably bigger now (and a little big crispy), and we have already picked a few dozen grape tomatoes (or at least rescued them before little fingers got them and gobbled them up!).  I love our little garden but next year I think we'll go back to a more traditional garden without a bottom so the peppers can root themselves better.

How does your garden look?  Any veggies yet?