Mini Makeover - Nightstands!

This is a mini make-over in all senses of the word - size, time commitment, and cost!  I found these cute nightstands for our basement guestroom about two months ago while shopping with my mom at HomeGoods (we both LOVE that place).  I had limited options because of the narrow space between the wall and the bed so these fit the bill.  And, the price wasn't too bad either - about $75 each.
The one thing that always bothered me about these was that the handles were white, too small, and very cheap looking.

So, I gave them a mini-makeover tonight with two new knobs that I got at Anthropologie.  I love them and I think they really make the little nightstands look SO much snazzier and unique.

No comparison, right?

Also, check out how nice it looks with the sheets and bedspread.

It took me longer to write this post than to do the make-over!