Kitchen Backsplash Shopping

Almost a year after our kitchen was installed, I am finally getting up the nerve to pick out a backsplash.  I'm not sure why it has taken me so long or why it seems so daunting, but I know it's absolutely necessary to give our kitchen a finished feeling.  When we had the counters installed, we decided not to use a matching granite backsplash because we knew the tile would eventually come.

I am leaning heavily towards white subway tile with some sort of crackle or antique finish.  I really want the backsplash to blend with the cabinets and counters and not make it's own separate statement.  We paid plenty for the cabinets and counters - they should be the showpieces in our kitchen.  I am still struggling over what to do behind the stove.  It's a focal point from our family room so I want it to be interesting but I don't necessarily want it to be distracting in the room.  I am thinking about doing a pattern in the same white as the rest of the tile, but I haven't decided on a pattern to use.

Here are some of my inspirational pictures, as well as links to great back splash galleries in case you are looking for some ideas as well.

This Old House

Image via This Old House
Garden Web Finished Backsplash Blog
I love the detail over the stove in this one.
Image via NDVWEB


Image via HGTV

I welcome your opinions on what we should do and please send pictures if you have any!