Crayon Masterpieces

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or anyone with kids in you, then you probably have been the recipient of some awesome art from a child in your life.  I find it sad to see these mini masterpieces sit in the junk mail pile or in a folder in a drawer, so I set out to find a place to put them other than on our new stainless fridge (which, like all stainless steel, is not magnetic).

My favorite solution is to frame them.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), preschool art does not come in standard sizes will not fit into standard frames. I found these great 11x14 frames at Target (in the store only but I have seen them other places as well) that have a wood frame but the picture is sandwiched between them.  It looks very professional and fashionable, but doesn't detract from the art itself.

Here's our little gallery!

Since the frame is generally larger than most pieces of paper, her art fits in there nicely.  It's also really easy to change the art out, which I do every time a new favorite comes through the door.  Nothing can really top this self-portrait though.

I am considering adding a few more which will likely become a necessity as my son gains artistic skills!

I also display a lot of my daughter's artwork in her room on bulletin boards and on the walls behind her door.  She gets to look at it all time and we still talk about some of her pieces before bed.  Just another reason for her to avoid sleep!