Bring Home the Beach

My dream is to some day live at the beach or at least have a beach home of some variety.  For now, I'll have to settle with beach vacations a few times per year (mostly thanks to my parents).  Until I get to decorate my future beach home, it's great to find a few ways to bring home the beach to my non-coastal location.  One of my favorite magazines, Coastal Living, is giving me some great ideas with its online article 21 Ideas To Bring Home The Beach.

I really like this kitchen because it feels beach-inspired but not "beachy" which I think gets a little weird in the winter when you don't live on the coast.  Also, changing out the stools and some of the accessories would really allow you to ramp down the beach theme if you decide it's not for you in a few years.  I also love those pendant lights.

Are you inspired by your favorite vacation spot - a beach, historical city, or a cabin in the woods?

Photo via Coastal Living.