Steal-o-graphy: Table Touches

Summer is here!  Time to freshen up your table with some beach-inspired touches.  Here are a few steals from the Crate & Barrel outlet page which could make your summer themed dining room a real show stopper. 

Table Runner - Take note of the comments that say the colors are more vibrant in person.  I've ordered one so I'll let you know for skinny when it arrives.  I love that it's available in 3 different sizes depending on your table size, and at $12.95 - 16.96, you can afford to pick two of two different sizes depending on how many guests you have over.  Hurry - these are only available in limited quantities!

Platter for a centerpiece.  It's a new take on a traditional centerpiece bowl but equally charming grouped with the right other items.  I love this one because it feels shell-like but it's not as limiting as a shell dish can be.  You can amp up the shell effect by piling your own collection of shells on it (or buy some at Pottery Barn!).

Add some candlesticks, ice blue candles, and maybe some tea lights (if you love candles).  Ta-Da!!  Centerpiece! 

Photos courtesy of Crate & Barrel