House Tour - Success!

Today was the day of the big house tour - Annual Tuckahoe Home & Garden Tour, benefiting the Tuckahoe Elementary Well, it was big for us and we probably went over and above what was necessary but it was worth it to us.  From 12-5, our house was open to strangers who were willing to pay $20 to see 7 houses and 2 (fancy) gardens.  All of the houses were renovated or new, and all had distinctive styles although Craftsman/bungalow was an overwhelming favorite of the ones that I had seen.  Not surprising because it's a clean and classic look, but still warm.

The best part about volunteering for stuff like this (other than having people ooo and ahh over your home) is that you are forced to hang up those miscellaneous pictures hanging around your house waiting to be hung.  You can also get your hubby and family to help for hours in the yard to prepare.

Although we (homeowners) were encouraged to leave for the day, our architect and builder were here to answer questions and generally meet people (and generate some business).  I hear that the feedback was great.  Thanks Kaye and Jim!

Fortunately, I remembered to take a lot of pictures while our house was in such a pristine condition which is not all the time (thanks to 2 kids and a dog).  I'll post a slide show in the sidebar shortly with all of the pictures I took today, but here are a few of my favorites as a preview.

When I first went on this tour several years ago, I thought that maybe some day our house would be on it.  I was right!