Hang 'em High

It's been a long time coming but TVs have finally come into their own style. Of course, that's not to say that the old TVs didn't have style, but...
Um, yeah.

Jim is always joking that flat screen TVs come with home additions - probably because every newly renovated house seems to have a shiny new flat screen. It's hard to argue against the fact that the new super slim TVs don't save a ton of space and they are much more compact than the old tube TVs. Plus, the ability to hang them on a wall or over a fireplace makes them irresistible, especially for people designing a whole new space.  Although I often think that TVs hung over the fireplace are too high for regular viewing, it was really the only option in our family room because we wanted to be able to see the TV from the kitchen as well (I'm addicted to the Food Network and HGTV).  We opted for a super slim Samsung LED TV and hung it over the fireplace with a fully articulating bracket.

I probably wouldn't be exaggerating when I say it's probably Jim's favorite thing in the house after his basement work shop.  But, I like it too because we don't have to have a huge TV cabinet to house a monster tube TV which now resides in the basement play room.  Did I mention that Jim built that beautiful mantle over our gas fireplace.  Here's a better picture of the full effect.

The mantle decor is definitely a work in progress.  I like the hurricane but may move that to my kitchen table. Let me know if you have any good mantle design ideas that won't interfere with my HGTV viewing.