We're home!

Well, after a brief delay of 5 days, we are back in our house. The major hiccup was that we had to be out of our rental on the 31st but we were lucky enough to have good friends heading out of town for the weekend, so we borrowed their house (it may never be the same).

We moved in on Monday and have been working like crazy ever since. My parents were here to help us unpack and settle in. My father is a master of hanging curtain rods, shades, pictures, and many, many other things. My mom was a huge help with cleaning, unpacking, cooking, and distracting both kids at key moments. We certainly wouldn't be this far along in the unpacking process without their help.

Although we are moved in, we have had more than our fair share of plumbing issues including poor water pressure which won't allow the tankless hot water heater to kick on. I'll also be happy when the plumber gets our dryer hooked up on Monday - it's hard having 2 kids and no washer and dryer! Needless to say, the plumber was not my favorite person this week.

Hopefully we'll be very settled in by the end of the weekend. I'll have more on punch lists in the coming weeks!