Kitchen Cabinets Ordered!

The kitchen cabinets have been ordered! We went with Kingswood Kitchens out of Danbury, CT. Their cabinets are beautiful and reasonably priced. I wanted inset doors and drawer fronts so this was the best way to do that. We chose the Newport style. Although I never met the kitchen designer in person, we talked several times and exchanged countless emails. We sent careful measurements for the roughed in kitchen (no drywall obviously), as well as our choices for the appliances. Generally the ideas for the design were mine and not the designer's so all of the blame will be on me for any misjudgments!

My one major dilemma in the kitchen design was where to put the microwave. I want to use a stove hood without a microwave so then I needed to find another place for a microwave. I did not want it on the countertop. I liked the look of having the microwave in the island (hidden!) but the thought of my kids playing with the buttons constantly and having to lean over every time I used it was enough to make me keep looking. Finally I saw a picture in an ad for a kitchen designer while in Florida and I got the idea to have it built it in to an upper cabinet. So, now we are getting a cabinet which is a few inches deeper than the other cabinets but it's next to the fridge, and the microwave will be in that cabinet. Plus, if it breaks or we want to upgrade it (or get rid of it all together) we could modify that cabinet for another purpose.

The other thing we wanted was to have very few lower cabinets, and to have drawers instead. I also wanted at least one tall, skinny cabinet for things like large cutting boards, cookie sheets, cooling racks, etc. I am also really excited about the pull-out trash can which should make cleaning up loads easier than our current step can. We also found room for a tall pantry which will make storing food much easier than our old kitchen which had one not very large cabinet for all of our food.

Now we wait about 8 weeks for delivery... Fortunately there is plenty of stuff to do in the house before then!