Well, of course, now that we have our permits the weather decides to take a turn for the colder and possibly some snow this week. Of course, I have a firm belief that predicting the weather is far from a science because it is so inaccurate. Let's hope that holds true this week. Precipitation of some sort is predicted for every day this week - generally snow showers. Fortunately, Jim C. (builder) says this is not a problem and we can still move forward with the demolition and hopefully start digging later this week. The dumpster will be changed out tomorrow and the large machinery will be here early this week. The neighborhood kids will love that!

The demolition so far has gone very smoothly. I think the porch will be gone completely tomorrow. They have been able to salvage a lot of the bricks from the garage whic match our house perfectly. It's labor intensive but ultimately will be worth it because those bricks don't have to be hauled away and disposed of, and we'll have a perfect match to our existing house on our foundation. Turns out the porch bricks are different from the garage which confirmed our suspicions that the porch was not original to the house. Those bricks are going in the dumpster unfortunately.

We are still packing and working on selling pretty much everything from our kitchen, including the sink! We sold our kitchen cart today and we're working on selling the appliances so hopefully they can be removed next week. We may try to reuse our base cabinets in the basement but that will depend on how easily they are removed.

Hopefully we'll have some pictures of a hole in the ground by the end of the week.