Hopefully this is the week!

Hopefully this is the week for permits and the beginning of major work on the house! Kaye (architect) thinks we'll get the permits this week. Arlington County actually has a site where you can track the status of your permits. This only makes me slightly crazier because I can constantly check it all the time. Not that anything has been happening since Friday, nor will anything happen before Wednesday. The County is shut down today and tomorrow.

We do, however, have a port-o-potty in our driveway! Never thought I would be so happy to see one. Happy to say that I won't have to use it - it was about 25 degrees here today!

In the mean time, we are moving things around in our house and packing up the things that we are taking with us and the things need to be protected but which are staying here. We have designated our spare bedroom for storage both now and after we move. We'll have one corner of stuff to take with us. It's hard to think about being really organized with this move because we are taking our most valuable stuff and the stuff we need, but knowing that we can get the rest of our stuff when we need it, makes it a lot easier to make those choices.

Hopefully we'll have some construction news and photos this week. I plan to choose a location for all photo-taking tomorrow.