Changing the Way We Entertain

I should be getting ready for the 60+ people who are coming to our house tonight for our last party in our "old house". We entertain frequently - usually 2-3 large parties per year, and then fairly frequent dinner parties or just neighborhood BBQs on our patio. Yesterday I walked up and down my basement stairs no fewer than 10 times bringing things up for the party and taking unneeded things downstairs (out of sight, out of mind). Although I am sure I will continue to store some less-used items in our basement, I am hoping there will not be too much of that type of thing clogging up our new space. Our new kitchen should have ample cabinet space and, if it doesn't, I really will get rid of some things that we don't use or need.

At most of our indoor parties, people generally congregate in the dining room (near the food and drink) and the tiny kitchen (which has been known to hold 8-10 chatting guests). All of the coats and purses need to be thrown in a spare bedroom.

As we are finalizing the tiny details of our addition, I am thinking about how this could change in our new house. A real coat closet on the first floor will serve us well. A place for wet umbrellas near the side door would be helpful. A place to set out a full bar area other than on the dining room table (maybe the kitchen island?) would make a big difference.

Next Fall we plan to have a Pre-Holiday, Post-Construction party. Of course this could slip until after the holidays if we just aren't up to the task, but I am looking forward to everyone seeing the changes in both our house and our parties!