Renovation: Where to put the Christmas tree?

For many people where to put the Christmas tree isn't a plaguing decision but for those of us who live in apartments or close-in suburban homes often have this issue because there is not an obvious place - fireplaces, stairs, doorways, etc. Today we are going to cut down a Christmas tree in Maryland. Hopefully this will be the last year we'll have this problem. The new space should provide ample opportunities for Christmas tree placement.

This is probably as good a point as any to give you a little description on what exactly we are adding to our house. First, we are tearing down our existing brick garage and rebuilding a new garage in the rear right corner of our 7000+ square foot lot. We're building an 1800 square foot 3 story addition on the back of our 1800 square foot (on 3 stories) house. The basement will be unfinished but will have rough-in for a bathroom. There will be room for a bedroom and recreation room. Our current basement will be converted entirely to a wood shop for my husband, Jim.

On the first floor, we are adding a kitchen and family room. Our existing kitchen will become a half-bath, coat closet, and butler's pantry. Our dining room will also be expanded by 2 feet. As I explained in my last post, our current stairs are being removed and new stairs will be built in the addition.

On the second floor, our existing 3 bedrooms are basically remaining the same except for new closets being built. Our current hall bathroom is going to be untouched (I still love the black and white tile!). In the addition, we're adding a master bedroom, bathroom, and huge walk-in closet. We're also building a laundry room which I am really excited about!

The new attic will not include storage space other than for a heat pump and a tankless hot water heater (more on this later).

So, that's the plan!