Centralized Charging Station {Kitchen}

Please tell me that I'm not the only one with this going on in their kitchen or some other central place in your house....

Phones, chargers, pens, radios, papers, etc.  Drives me crazy.  

I started looking at charging stations such as this, but nothing was really working for me.  So I sketched up a quick plan and Handy Hubby took on the task...

And now we have this...

It holds our phone chargers, pens and pencils, our Tivoli radio, and even some paper under the hinged top where the radio sits.  Everything plugs into a power strip which is inside at the bottom. I chose to paint it the same color as our trim (Sherwin Williams Toque White)

It's about a million times better than where we came from...

Of course Handy Hubby and I are considering how we would improve this for version 2.0.  Maybe a place for paper, an iPad, and possibly a variation on the phone holder.  We'll keep you posted!


  1. That is awesome, and I want one.

  2. I need one when you make the ipad model! Come see me and pick up your check, the store is chockmfull of stuff,

  3. Wow... you must have the best husband ever! He sounds so handy! What a great couple you all make.

  4. Very nice! I love that you created a custom version to meet your needs!

  5. What a huge organizational transformation! I want one. I think I feel an Etsy store opening up soon! :)
    -Michelle Hinckley 4men1lady.com

  6. i need to do something like this. our cords (especially in our bedroom) are a MESS. i've looked at buying something like this, but nothing has really struck me. maybe i'll make something?


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