House Tour Room-by-Room Link-up Party: KITCHENS!

This week on the room-by-room house tour link party we have KITCHENS! Unless you live in a dorm or hotel, you probably have one of these so link it up no matter what the condition!! I know there is a ton of crafty cuteness out there so let's see it!!  Waiting for a remodel? Tell us your plans, get ideas, and find some motivation to get it fixed up!

Here's the full room-by-room schedule for the Type A folks out there!

Here are some pictures of our kitchen. We started here before the whole house remodel -
This kitchen later became a half-bath, hallway and coat closet!  And now our kitchen looks like this...


(Yes, there is tons of daylight in our kitchen but it never looks that way in my blog because I usually end up taking pictures when the kids are in bed.)

Sources: Cabinets - Kingswood Kitchens (Newport style in White); Counters - Honed Absolute Black Granite; Stools - Home Decorators; Table - Craigslist; Chairs - World Market; Clock - Target; Calendar - Linnea Designs; Island Pendants - Amazon; Chandelier - Kathy Ireland Home(discontinued); Paint - Duron Ivoire (also available at Sherwin Williams); Curtains - JC Penney (discontinued); Sink Faucet - Kohler; Pot Filler - Giagni; Refrigerator - Samsung; Stove - GE Cafe Dual-Fuel; Dishwasher - Bosch; Canisters - Crate & Barrel.

Your turn... Let's see those amazing, or soon-to-be amazing, kitchens!!

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A home office for me?

After thinking about the home office quandary last week, I started thinking about places that I could put a desk area for work on occasion, but also for sewing, maybe occasional gift wrapping projects. The obvious location was the rarely used guest room upstairs but there is no room in there and that will hopefully become Alex's new room within the next year. We don't need two office spaces upstairs. I have some ideas and started looking at desks, so stay tuned for more details...

Now for some highlights from last week's home office, craft room, and mom cave party. Thanks to everyone who posted. It was a really good party!!! These spaces are amazingly inspiring - no wonder you are all amazing crafters and bloggers! Here are a few of my favorites (and there were many more)...

Check out this amazing space that Cassie carved out of her house for her craft projects and home office stuff -
Primitive & Proper

Don't have much space? There is definitely a trend towards offices in closets. Check out this one created by Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling -
The Mustard Ceiling

Don't have a closet, pick up a discarded television armoire on Craigslist and make one like Lisa of Shine Your Light -
Shine Your Light

I almost died when I saw this amazing crafty space where Shannon of Cary Hairbows makes crafty magic -

Cary Hairbows

Feeling inspired? I certainly am!!!

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Don't forget to link up your kids' and pets' rooms in this week's leg of our house tour!


90 minutes of free time on Saturday afternoon...

Somehow I ended with a free 90 minutes on Saturday afternoon. How did that happen? We had friends in town who were running late with site-seeing at the Smithsonian. VERY easy to do! So, when I got the call that they were going to be late, Alex was still napping and Elizabeth was playing at a friends' house. Hmmmm.... I considered an hour and a half of blog reading, or internet surfing. I opted for something truly productive (no offense bloggers!), and decided to tackle the inch of pollen and dirt all of our screen porch.

It quickly looked like this.

A few weeks ago, I washed the curtains. Be careful if you have these Ikea Lenda curtains - they shrink in the dryer. In my case, it worked out fine because they were too long anyway. Puddling on a dirty porch floor is not a good look.

If hubby had been home, we would have taken all of the furniture out and scrubbed the floor. He was golfing in Myrtle Beach, so I took all of the cushions and anything breakable out and just started hosing everything else on the porch. Worked perfectly. Pollen and winter dirt and grime - gone. I did get the mop and vinegar out for a few really dirty parts.

I did finally get everything back together and changed it all around, but forgot to take a picture in the daylight! Sorry - this is an evil blog tease!

But, as I was cleaning, I started realizing how much work our porch needs - the support columns are rotting and termite-eaten, the screens are stretched out, lath strips are missing on several parts of the outside, the floor needs to be scraped and painted, and everything needs to be painted. Ugh. Some decisions are going to have to be made... soon.

What do you do when you find yourself with 90 minutes on a Saturday with no t-ball, scouts, or dance classes to shlep to?


House Tour Room-by-Room Link-up Party: Kids' Rooms, Nurseries, and Pet Room

We're back again with another leg on the house tour. We're doing kids' rooms, nurseries, and pet rooms this week. Can't wait to see all of the great things you have done for the little ones in your lives!

Here's the full room-by-room schedule for all of you who like to plan ahead!

As you probably know I have two kids - Elizabeth is five and Alex is almost two. I have had so much fun decorating their rooms and documenting it. Early next year I think we'll move Alex to his new big boy room (currently the upstairs guest room) so we can reclaim our home office. At that point there will be so much furniture flying around the house that hubby may need a spreadsheet to get everything to where it needs to be!

So, here is Alex's nursery -

Sources: Wall color: Benjamin Moore Raspberry Truffle; Crib - Costco (old); Chair - used; Chair slipcover made by me; Quilt, crib skirt, and window valance made by my mom (!); Dresser - used; Rug - JC Penney; Lamp - HomeGoods; Personalized pillow - Little Bit Funky. More info on Alex's nursery here and here.

Now Elizabeth's room... A few weeks ago she told me that her new favorite color is blue. Of course, after years of pink and pink decorating, she decides she now likes blue. True to five year old form, she now says that she has two favorite colors - pink and blue. Crisis averted. She is decidedly not into princesses though which is pretty funny considering that most of her friends are all things princess right now.

We have some more changes to make in this room this spring. More on that soon! More on Elizabeth's room here and here.

Sources: Walls: Sherwin Williams Quaint Peche; Bed - JC Penney; Dresser - antique; Chair - PB Teen; table and chairs: Ikea; Bedding: HomeGoods; personalized pillow: Little Bit Funky.

Now it's your turn! Show us your kids' rooms, nurseries, pet rooms, pet areas, etc. You guys have so many great ideas - I'll especially looking at your little boys' rooms since that will be my next major interior decorating project. Show me what you've got!!

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I'll have some favorites from the craft room, home office, and mom cave party later this week. You ladies have some really inspiring spaces - maybe I can blame my lack of craftiness on my lack of crafty space?  Ummm... no. There's still time to link up (til midnight tonight) - click here.

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These chairs are heartbreakers

I may be a bit too in love with our eating area chairs. A couple of weeks after we got them, my five year old daughter was messing around (read: not sitting in the correct position) and flipped the chair over backwards. She was totally fine but a little shocked. I was not totally fine and a little shocked.

[sound of me sniffling]

Handy Hubby jumped in with two feet hands and fixed it with some wood glue. Fortunately it was a clean break.
 Then some clamps to hold it in place for about 48 hours.

And then, good as new... for now.  [sniffle]


Simple DIY Pillow Covers

I have been looking for MONTHS for pillows for our living room. I love the new chairs but finding pillows that I liked was a challenge. I had lumbar pillows in a navy blue geometric pattern in my head. Everything I found was $80 or more and I just refuse to pay that for pillows in a room which gets limited use. Impossible. Where is navy blue in decorating accessories lately? It has all bet disappeared which is sad. Everything is green and tan. So... I decided I would have to make them. I stumbled on some great fabric on the remnant pile at a local fabric store. Actually I found A LOT of it so it will likely show up in a future project.

I debated for about a month whether I wanted to have pillows of all one fabric, or two or more fabrics. Finally, I decided on simple. Then I went looking for pillow inserts. I love down throw pillows but they were way out of my price range. So, another few weeks went by.

Then I was walking through Ross the other day and found these pillows.
Down-filled lumbar pillows for $8.99. Yes! The current covers aren't my style but fortunately they have a zipper, so I'll sell the covers in my yard sale. Actually one cover was really ripped so I got that one for 20% off. Even better.

So I spent about 3 hours last Saturday sewing some pillows. I used the envelope style instead of a zipper - much easier. Basically the back has two overlapping pieces where you can insert the pillow. I should have taken some pictures of the process. I used one of the covers as my pattern for the others.

Apologies for the lack of in progress pictures, but once I started sewing, I couldn't stop for fear I wouldn't start again for another month!

Here's the result. Not bad I think and they will definitely serve the purpose for what I wanted
I love that all of the chairs are cohesive now. honestly, I am really tired of the rug in there because there is so much red in it, but I cannot justify getting rid of it at this point. We paid a lot of money for it and we don't use that room enough to make it worthwhile at this point. Fortunately I don't hate the rug. Yet.

So, I'm living with it. For now.

Are you doing any sewing projects this week?

Linking up to...


Easter Decorations & Link Party Dining Rooms Highlights

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday weekend and a nice Easter (if you celebrate of course). We had a blast with a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, a relaxing afternoon, and a ham and homemade mac & cheese dinner with great friends. Wanted to share a few quick pics of my Easter dining table before showing some highlights from last week's link party.

Serendipitously I had forgotten to take the bows off the chandelier after Kim's baby shower, so I just added a silk flower garland that I bought at A.C. Moore before the shower but used on the mantel. 

I couldn't resist folding the napkins like bunnies. Ridiculous but so cute. These directions from Good Housekeeping are very easy to follow, even after a mid-afternoon glass of wine.
My five year old made everyone's place cards. I love place cards because then there's no debate where everyone is going to sit - they just sit. I think people like not having to think when they sit down for dinner.

Enough with Easter. The decorations are coming down tonight.

Now for last week's link part favorites! Thanks to everyone who linked up their dining room ideas to the HOUSEography House Tour. I hope you are having as much fun as I am looking at everyone's great ideas.

Gorgeous console table arrangement at Involving Color

Dramatic windows at Calypso in the Country

Inspiring wainscoting before & after (and tutorial) at The Mustard Ceiling

Great DIY projects (and gorgeous windows) at Lovelace Files
Simple but sophisticated centerpiece at Keeping Up With the Joneses
Hope you enjoyed these and all of the other great posts (too many favorites to list here!). Be sure to link up your home office, craft room, sewing room, Mom Cave, or any nook in your house where you can achieve these goals. Click here for more details.

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House Tour Room-by-Room Link-up Party: Home Offices, Craft Rooms, Mom Caves, etc.

Wow! You guys brought your A-games with your dining room posts last week! I'll do a quick round-up of some of my favorites tomorrow.  We had lots of new posters last week which is so much fun! The dining room party is open for a few more hours if you still want to post! And, here's the full room-by-room schedule in case you are a planner!

This week's party is for home offices, craft & sewing rooms, and Mom caves. Ironically, we don't have a home office, sewing room or Mom cave. Jim would argue that the whole house is my "cave" so maybe that's part of the issue. We do plan to reinvent our home office after Alex moves to his new room later this year or early next year (currently the upstairs guest room), so I am really looking forward to seeing your rooms and maybe stealing some of your great ideas!

If you look at Alex's current room, you can see the remnants of our home office in the built-ins that Jim built. The changing table was once our desk with a pencil drawer below, and the drawers to the right are actually file drawers (still are actually). Obviously the bookshelves also lend a lot of function to this room both as a nursery and as an office.

We currently do most of our office work in the kitchen, family room, and dining room. We keep our printer, files, and other office supplies on the dresser that Jim rebuilt last year.

This actually works quite well for us and I wonder how much we would use an actual home office, and I'm not sure I would want to give up our printer on the first floor.

So, if this isn't enough eye candy for you, I wanted to share my friend Colleen's Mom Cave, Willow House headquarters, and craft room. When we last visited them almost a year ago, this was their guest room and now it's this awesome Mom Cave! It's on the second floor of their home outside Atlanta.

 Amazing craft closet

 The window seat - my favorite part!
She bought a lot of the pillows, window seat cushion, and curtains from Etsy and repurposed loads of stuff she already had including a kitchen cart for her Cricut machine and other crafting supplies in the closet. If you have questions, please put them in the comments and hopefully she'll drop in and answer them! Thanks Colleen for letting me share your amazing Mom Cave!

Now, it's your turn! Please link-up any blog post about your home office, craft room, Mom Cave, or other special nook in your home. The post does not need to be new but just needs to feature that room in some way (new table, art, rug, etc.), and your room does not have to be "finished" by any means. Maybe other readers will give you some great ideas!

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