Our Master Bathroom

Before we tore our house apart top to bottom (more on that here), we had one real bathroom and one sort of half bathroom (really a toilet and shower in a basement closet with laundry tub outside the door).  I'm really happy to say, we are now lucky enough to have three full bathrooms and one half bathroom which seems to work well for us... at least until Elizabeth is 13! 

Here's the tour starting with the entry which is a pocket door from our bedroom. We really only close this in the morning when we shower. Otherwise, it's open 90% of the time. It might not work or everyone but it works well for us because we saved the space of a swinging door.
We have a linen closet on the left side and our shower on the right. The tile is carrara marble from the Tile Shop.  The walls are subway tile and the floor is basketweave. If you take this picture to the Tile Shop, they will likely tell you they don't have this. BUT, this is not what I expected it to look like when we ordered it - I was expecting something more gray and white with hints of cream and blue - not like this. BUT, I liked this more so we kept it.

Next up is the vanity. This was a major splurge for us in our home renovation. We are definitely bargain basement, coupon-clippers, and web discount shoppers when it comes to our home renovation projects. I fell in love with this vanity in a Pottery Barn catalog even before we started the renovation and I set out to find a great discount alternative. None could be found other than building one (my mom's idea) but I nixed it for lack of time and patience in the midst of living in a tiny rental house, renovating our house, and having one child and one on the way. So we bought it. I helped ease the pain by getting reward points on a Pottery Barn store credit card which I used for other things in the house. It was all worth it.  One point to note - if you are thinking about this type of vanity, you have to build the space to fit the vanity - preferably with the vanity on site.

For those questioning the open storage below, it is GREAT. I love keeping extra towels there. Folding towels neatly is way easier than folding clothes neatly so it's not a big deal to have them displayed. No, it does not get dusty under there - the towels seem to take care of that.

Next up is the toilet room off to the right with another pocket door. We did not really have a choice here.
So, where's the big over-sized soaker tub?  Not there! We chose not to have a tub to save space and we are not really bath people - I can't really sit still that long! Instead, I chose a larger bedroom and closet, as well as an upstairs laundry over a large tub which collects dust because we never use it. With a shower this awesome, my kids rarely even take baths!!

The little box under the shower switch is the controller for the radiant floor heat which we LOVE. Nothing better on a cold winter morning than to feel the warm tile. We really don't need rugs other than to step out of the shower which is nice because we can show off our fantastic floor.
Sources: Wall color - Duron/Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay; Towels - Restoration Hardware Silver Sage and White; Tile - Tile Shop Carrera Marble;

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Come on over... (take 2!)... and highlights from the Kitchen party!

Since Blogger was a mess last week, we're trying again this week! Kristin will be featuring my blog today over at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia! Thanks for the feature, Kristin!

While you're there, be sure to check out Kristin's awesome kitchen...

Now for some highlights from last week's HOUSeography kitchen tour link-up party!

Love the turquoise lower cabinets and the great open shelving on the top in this recycled kitchen (you have to check out the before pictures here).
The Domestic Fringe
Love this black and white kitchen (after my own heart!) and great pantry!

Decor and the Dog
And this island... need I say more?
Oak Ridge Revival

And a $640 make-over...

Domestic Simplicity

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A can of spray paint walks into a bar...

Spray is the golden child of the home decor blogging world. You see it everywhere, on everything, in ever color, for any purpose.I really try not to go nuts with the spray paint. I have spray painted a lamp for Elizabeth's room and that's pretty much it. I have a few more small spray paint projects in the works but I still kind of prefer traditional paint brushes. Weird, I know.

Admittedly, it has its purpose. I bought this painting at REfind probably close to a year ago.

When I go there, I have a method. I walk around the whole store and take in everything that Carey is doing - seasonal stuff, new furniture, etc. Then I go back to the stuff that caught my eye initially. I came back to this painting about 4 times before I finally picked it up. It was about $25 if I recall but I just liked it. Of course I adore yellow and my house is filled with blue and green so I knew I could find a place for it. I originally pegged it for the basement guest room but it never really worked in there.

Then I started working on the laundry room and decided to give it a go in there. I decided that the frame was not working at all and it needed to be changed. I opted for the old spray paint.

So much more modern and updated and really cheerful for the laundry room.

I know you probably think it's ugly but I do really like it. Tell me what you think...really.

What are you spray painting this week?


Laundry Room: Easy Fake Roman Shade

Happy Blogiversary to HOUSEography! Hard to believe that I first posted one year ago today. Thanks to everyone who follows and reads this blog regularly.

Yesterday I posted about my spiffed up laundry room. I think the critical change in there was this easy fake Roman shade. Clearly I don't need privacy in the laundry room so it never needs to be raised and lowered. I wanted the casual look of a shade instead of a more formal valance, so this is what I came up with totally on the fly with stuff I had around the house.

I purchased this fabric about a month ago at JoAnn fabrics. It was the end of the bolt and less than 2 yards so I am pretty sure I paid about $8 for it. I thought I had some white lining fabric at home but turns out I didn't, so I improvised and just folded the fabric in half and cut it. This made 2 pieces which were each an inch or two wider than the window. Then I flipped the top over so the wrong sides were out. I then sewed three sides as if I were making a pillow, then I turned so the right sides were out, and sewed the fourth side across. Easy peasy.

Now for the Roman shade part. Start by laying the fabric flat with the best side down (both sides were pretty much the same on mine but if you use white lining, put the good fabric side down), and then fold up to mimic a Roman shade. I didn't measure but you could if you are picky like that.
Next take a few stitches on each fold on both sides to mimic where the chord would be threaded through. Don't go through the top layer of fabric, only the fold and the lining - all still with the good side of the fabric down on the table. It takes probably 10-15 stitches on each side for each fold.
Then I needed a way to hang it. I remembered how my mom made the valance in my son's nursery by tacking it onto a piece of wood that is mounted above the window. I decided to take the same approach with this one. Handy Hubby pounded together a piece of wood which was about 2 inches wider than the window casing. You can see the shape in the picture below.
 I stapled the edge with the visible seam onto the top of the board.
Next I lured Handy Hubby away from the Bruins game to screw the piece of wood to the wall with 2 long drywall screws. (yes, his shirt has rules of beer drinking on it - let's just say it's a REALLY old shirt)

And here's the final result after about one and a half hours of work.

There's just something about a good window treatment to make a room feel "finished". Even if it's a laundry room. Love it.
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Putting some spin on the laundry room

A laundry room on the bedroom level was on the top 3 things that I wanted out of this renovation (along with a master bathroom and BIG closet). It took me about 20 seconds to snag a color for the walls since I figured we could repaint if it was horrible since the room is super tiny. It's more of an over-sized closet with a window.

A few months after moving back in, we also added some white wire Elfa shelving (Container Store). I considered cabinetry but in the end I figured this is a laundry room and making stuff easy to access may encourage Handy Hubby to do the laundry (which he generally does fortunately!). We also have an extendable drying rack hanging on the right wall which works really well for our purposes.

We bought our new high efficiency LG washer and dryer this past winter during a serious sale at Best Buy. I really like them and I think I am finally figuring out a lot of the settings on the washer. Dryer is pretty straightforward thankfully.

I actually ended up really liking the color in here. It's a nice cheerful green without being blindingly bright. The floor is a cheap-o hexagon ceramic tile from Home Depot - another 5 minute decision literally standing in the tile aisle 9 months pregnant at 9 p.m. a few days before I had Alex. Fortunately I found someone to lift the boxes!

Since we put the shelving up, we have done nothing with the room otherwise. I pretty much threw all of the stuff on the shelves and left it. This has also become a landing place for things like the dog's cone collar and some extra dog towels. Not exactly pretty to look at it. Although the room has a pocket door, we pretty rarely close it except if we are doing laundry after the kids go to bed.

So, here's the spiffed up laundry room...

The bins are all from Target. The color works amazingly well with the wall color. I made the window treatment with $10 worth of fabric that I purchased a few months ago on a whim. I'll give you the quick and dirty tutorial tomorrow. The painting is from REfind which I purchased for the basement guest room but I gave it an easy make-over update that I'll also share later this week. At which point, you can also weigh in on whether you like it or not.

Finally, I had been thinking about changing the light fixture but now I kind of like the dark accent which picks up on the dark tones in the painting and the fabric window treatment so it stays for now. {big sigh of relief from the Handy Hubby}

I now loving walking past this room - which I do many times each day from the stairs to our room.

Any easy updates going on in your house?

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House Tour Room-by-Room Link-up Party: Living Rooms and Libraries

We're back again with the next installment of the Room-by-Room House Tour. I'm still swooning over your gorgeous kitchens, but it's time to move on to living rooms and libraries. Of course you can still link up your kitchens until midnight tonight. Here's the full weekly schedule for those interested in what's coming up next.

Here's a quick tour of my living room which is open to both our family room (and addition) and dining room.

Here's a picture of the new pillows I whipped up a few weeks ago. I love them and it makes me want to bring more blue back into our house.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane...

When we bought the house in 2002 -
 And here's the house before the renovation -
And here's today -

For reference the door on the right was the window with the yellow floral drapes, and the stairs went up the back of the house, which is now open to the new family room.

Sources: Chairs - Rowe Caldwell; Coffee Table - Pottery Barn; Blue Pillows - DIY; Monogrammed Pillows - A Needle Pulling Thread; Rug - Greenfront Furniture; Console Table - Crate & Barrel.

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Hour Tour Party Favorites!

Happy Sunday!

I usually don't post on the weekends but before I fall too far behind, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the my room-by-room house tour for kids's rooms, nurseries, and dog rooms! There were soooo many great entries this week and I was so excited to see so many awesome rooms for the little people (and dogs) in your lives! One theme throughout the posts was the gorgeous colors that everyone used in their kids' rooms. I love it!

Here are some of my favorite girls' rooms...

Love the wall color, adorable pillow and embellished curtains in Hannah's room...

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 And the closet reconfiguration over at Little Blue Chairs...

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And boys' rooms...

Check out the mix of graphic patterns in this sophisticated boy's room...
All About Vignettes
And this orange and blue nautical themed room...

Designed to Dwell
Here's a great boy/girl shared room (be sure to check out the before pictures of this room)...

Domestic Simplicity
And this adorable nursery (again, digging the orange)...
Beach House in the City
And of course, the dog room at Our Little Beehive (Feeney is one lucky dog)...

Our Little Beehive

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